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How to Make Carrot Footprints

By |March 11th, 2016|

Carrot Footprints tutorial from One Krieger Chick

What You’ll Need
painted footprints
background paper
paper plate
optional: tape

For instructions, visit One Krieger Chick.

How to Make an Easter Egg Wreath

By |March 10th, 2016|

Easter Egg Wreath tutorial from Wine and Glue

What You’ll Need

20 skeins of embroidery floss
Sta-Flo – about $2.50
Water Balloons – about $0.50 if you have good lung capacity

Other things you hopefully have:
Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue
Wax Paper
Plastic Bowl
Ribbon for hanging

For instructions, visit Wine and Glue!
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How to Make Glitter Easter Eggs

By |March 7th, 2016|

Glitter Easter Eggs tutorial from Sorority Sugar

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How to Make an Easter Bunny Banner

By |March 4th, 2016|

Bunny Banner tutorial from Simply Sprout